Southern Illinois Healthcare gives patients secure access to diagnostic imaging and reports online with pocketHealth

Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH) today announced the launch of PocketHealth, a patient-centric image sharing platform that eliminates the reliance on CD-ROMs for patients to access their diagnostic imaging and reports.

The new technology makes it faster and easier for patients to securely access, permanently own and share their medical images on any device from any location, giving them a more active and informed role in their healthcare journey. Additionally, patients now have access to PocketHealth’s Report Reader function, which defines complex medical terms found within the patient’s radiology report.

SIH is the first hospital site in Illinois to adopt PocketHealth and move towards leveraging image sharing technology to improve patient and provider satisfaction.

“PocketHealth puts our patients at the center of their healthcare journey and makes image-sharing more timely,” said Marcia Matthias, SIH Corporate Director of Health Information. “Our goal is to eliminate the cumbersome process of burning images on CDs and by removing this barrier we are improving a patient’s or healthcare provider’s access to important health information.”

For the patient, this fast access eliminates the need for travel to healthcare facilities to share medical imaging on a CD-ROM. Images can be shared in full DICOM (standard diagnostic image resolution) quality with other providers, family members or caregivers.

For the provider or physician, PocketHealth saves time by removing required network logins. Images can be imported into their local hospital’s system without any additional software or account set up.

“Today, patients want more control over their own health and care, and complete visibility into what’s happening at each stage of their healthcare journey,” said Rishi Nayyar, Co-Founder and CEO, PocketHealth. “PocketHealth is thrilled to work with forward-thinking health systems like Southern Illinois Healthcare to make it easy for patients and providers to seamlessly access imaging without unnecessary frustrations that come with various technologies.”

Patients can now request all of their imaging records and reports from SIH by visiting

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