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Third Horizon Strategies Acquires sr4 Data Information Systems (DIS)

Third Horizon Strategies is proud to announce that the firm has acquired sr4 Data Information Systems (DIS) – a data analytics company aimed at making data more accessible and beneficial to those seeking care.

As part of the acquisition, sr4 DIS Founder Chris Hart will join Third Horizon Strategies as the firm’s chief data and analytics officer. Since 2011, Chris has been collecting data to help communities and health care systems address mental health and addiction. He led development activities for Transforming Youth Recovery’s Capacitype Data and Mapping initiative and worked with former congressman Patrick Kennedy and Google Recover Together to document and replicate best practices for mental health and addiction care.

In 2019, Chris co-founded RecoveryLink, Inc. – a suite of digital recovery supports tools designed to improve substance use and mental health recovery outcomes through systems transformation.

“I have dedicated the past 11 years of my career to using data to influence and reform the way communities and health care system provide care and support to people with mental health issues and substance issue disorders,” said Chris Hart. “Data and technology help organizations better understand their impact. I am thrilled to have an opportunity to use data and analytics to help Third Horizon Strategies and its clients improve the lives of individuals and communities.”

At Third Horizon Strategies, Chris will oversee the firm’s collection of data and its use to create analytics and business intelligence models. His work will also be integrated into Third Horizon Strategies’ advisory activities, allowing the firm to better leverage data and analytics to support improved strategic decision making for its clients. By utilizing five types of data analytics, Chris will help organizations understand the three horizons: retrospective and diagnostic (past), descriptive (present), and predictive and prescriptive (future).

“We are delighted to have an opportunity to formally join forces with sr4-DIS and Chris Hart,” said David Smith, CEO and founder of Third Horizon Strategies. “The health care industry is becoming increasingly reliant on more robust data to understand and predict trends. Chris’s work will equip our business to be more precise, comprehensive, and action-oriented in fulfilling our mission of building systems that enable all communities, families, and individuals to thrive.”

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