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Third Horizon Strategies CEO Smith launches podcast on cost of healthcare

Lemonada Media, the podcast network that presents humanity unfiltered, announces the arrival of its 12th original series, The Cost of Care. This timely and moving series from the team behind Last Day explores the perils of healthcare in America by revealing how the system works and sharing stories from individuals crushed by it.

The Cost of Care is hosted by healthcare expert David Smith, who shares his personal journey and helps lead us out of this maze-like system that values sickness over health.

David understands the financial, emotional, spiritual, and physical costs of care all too well. He grew up in a Mormon community in Utah and lost his father, sister, and brother to the same deadly epidemic. The fallout from these events has rippled across his family and faith.

“I’ve spent my life and career exploring whether my family’s deaths were preventable and worrying that I would be next,” said David Smith. “In this show we retrace our steps to figure out how we ended up with a system that leaves people powerless in the face of life-or-death decisions, and create a path forward that makes health a priority for everyone.”

“Healthcare in the United States is broken. We pay double what every other rich country is paying per person on healthcare. In exchange? We die, on average, five years earlier,” says Stephanie Wittels Wachs, Lemonada’s Chief Content Officer and co-founder. “This series empowers us by breaking down how we ended up with one of the most expensive and worst performing systems in the world and explaining how to fix it.”

“Healthcare in America can trap you, bankrupt you — or kill you. What happened to David is happening to families all over the country, as suicide, drug overdoses, and chronic disease rates soar,” says CEO and co-founder Jessica Cordova Kramer. “This highly-relevant podcast shines a light on these issues through emotive first-person stories and specific calls to action.”

The first two episodes of The Cost of Care are available now wherever you get podcasts.

Ten episodes will cascade into your ears this spring.

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