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Health Care Service Corp. exec promotes machine learning, artificial intelligence

A Chicago healthcare executive said that artificial intelligence and machine learning could improve quality of life and lengthen life spans.

Imir Arifi, head of artificial intelligence and machine learning at Health Care Service Corporation, told attendees at an event hosted by Axios that they’re looking at how to use such technology to predict and prevent hospital readmissions.

They’re also looking at applying the technology to other programs targeting the opioid epidemic and mental healthcare.

He predicted the next steps will be to incorporate the technology into lower-priced devices, like smartphones, to make predictions at the individual level.

“I want to make healthcare more attainable, more sustainable, more accessible, more affordable,” he said. “That’s my dream.”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel also spoke at the event and triumphed the city as a tech hub. He said they’ve created “entrepreneur innovation spaces” for all sectors, including healthcare.

“If it’s patient or provider or payment, Chicago is a center of that,” Emanuel said.

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