OSF transforms frontline education with Elemeno Health’s mobile-friendly microlearning solution

OSF HealthCare announced it is expanding use of the Elemeno Health just-in-time microlearning solution as a foundational element in its transformation of clinical learning. OSF Innovation piloted the Elemeno best practices nursing platform last year and has decided to implement it among its 15 hospitals and within ambulatory, hospice, and home care settings.

Elemeno offers a first-of-its-kind personalized resource hub nurses and support staff can consult for bedside care, 24/7, or in any care setting, on any device. The mobile-friendly platform has an app that allows for real-time updates that can be site-specific, data-informed, and offers evidence-based, updated standards, policies and procedures. Elemeno can be customized to provide notifications from information learned during team huddles.

With an influx of young nurses, OSF HealthCare, like many other health care systems, required streamlined orientation and training in a manner accessible and relatable to today’s workforce. A performance improvement team at OSF Innovation included the voice of nurses and nursing leaders to identify and test Elemeno as a critically important solution for nurses and caregivers to feel supported in providing the best care possible.

Health care systems around the country have demonstrated Elemeno helped shorten onboarding and training times (over 40%), improved retention (up to 50%), and reduced medical errors and hospital-acquired conditions (up to 75%).

“We needed to change the structure, organization, and delivery of training, and do so in a way that is scalable for the system, yet personal and meaningful to the individual.” – Lori Wiegand, System Chief Nursing Executive of OSF HealthCare.

“We are transforming education at OSF to meet Mission Partners (employees) where they want to be, and Elemeno is a key technology to accomplish these goals,” Wiegand added.

Elemeno empowers frontline teams with custom, bite-sized, multi-media job aids, accessible on-demand. A feedback loop enables leadership to measure staff needs and deliver desired support. Delivering both team communications and training, Elemeno unites operational and educational leadership. This provides frontline staff with a simple one-stop-shop for continual learning, promoting practice standardization, high-quality care, and continuous improvement.

“The success of frontline staff is dependent upon the support of their leaders,” said Dr. Arup Roy-Burman, Founder and CEO of Elemeno Health. “Elemeno engages operational and educational leaders at the system, hospital, and unit levels, to align best practices and leverage system strength, while simultaneously customizing to team-specific needs and creating a win-win-win at every level.”

The Elemeno platform is designed to support interprofessional teams of both clinical and non-clinical workers in different types of environments. The rapid growth of outpatient and post-acute care is requiring not only nurses, but also therapists, techs, medical assistants, and home health aides.

“Mobile-friendly videos, pictures, and resources accessible on Elemeno are ideal to support our Mission Partners in ambulatory and home care,” said Sarah Overton, Ambulatory and Home Care Chief Nursing Officer of OSF HealthCare. “These disparate environments are especially challenging, as Mission Partners often work alone; Elemeno helps us ensure the delivery of high-quality care consistently to our patients, wherever they need it.”

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