Esperanza partners with AMA on initiative to boost routine screenings

Esperanza partners with AMA on initiative to boost routine screenings

Esperanza Health Centers will partner with the American Medical Association to investigate ways to increase routine screenings for HIV, sexually transmitted illnesses, viral hepatitis and latent tuberculosis.

The association, with the support of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is working with six community health centers nationally to test new strategies and see their impact on routine screening. The goal is to identify screening barriers and drivers as well as best practices and strategies, said association President Dr. Jack Resneck.

“Routine screening and early detection of HIV, STIs, viral hepatitis and (latent tuberculosis) are critical to ensure patients receive treatment and also lower their risk of transmitting these infectious diseases to others,” he said.

Juan Mercado, Esperanza’s HIV program director, said they continually seek out new strategies to better engage their patients and the community.

“Having an honest dialogue about one’s sexual history can be a struggle for patients, but there is no question that these kinds of conversations are critical as we’re seeing today with the current (monkeypox) outbreak in our communities,” he said. “We are hopeful that this partnership with the AMA will allow us to develop and test new best practices that result in an increase in screening rates among our patients.”

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