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Durbin, Duckworth vote against new coronavirus stimulus plan

Durbin, Duckworth vote against new coronavirus stimulus plan

Both of Illinois’ U.S. senators voted Sunday against a new coronavirus pandemic relief bill, arguing that it did not go far enough to help healthcare workers or families who have been laid off during the crisis.

The nearly $2 trillion plan was rejected along party lines.

Democrat Tammy Duckworth said in a statement released after the vote that the only groups who would benefit from the bill are corporations and CEOs.

“This one-sided proposal fails to provide enough resources to hospitals that are being slammed, it fails to protect first responders or ensure workplace safety and it fails to do anything to safeguard jobs for the millions of Americans who are suffering through no fault of their own,” she said.

Dick Durbin tweeted after the vote that Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., refused to negotiate with Democrats.

“This partisan coronavirus stimulus package neglected hospitals, community health centers, healthcare workers and first responders,” he said. “It neglected state and local governments, teachers, cafeteria workers and bus drivers; it neglected small businesses, non-profits and working class families.”

McConnell pushed back on the Senate floor, claiming that Democrats were “playing games” with the economy.

“I want everybody to fully understand if we aren’t able to act tomorrow, it will because of our colleagues on the other side continuing to dither when the country expects us to come together and address this problem,” he said.

The plan is the third emergency relief bill to come before Congress. The first two were overwhelmingly approved with support from both parties.


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