Quincy Medical Group moving forward with surgery center

Quincy Medical Group moving forward with surgery center

Quincy Medical Group is moving forward with a proposed $19.5 million outpatient surgery center after Blessing Health System offered them joint ownership of their existing surgery center in Quincy.

Blessing made the offer to Quincy Medical Group on Feb. 11. CEO Maureen Kahn said in a statement they did so for the benefit of the Quincy community and because of the “long history of collaboration” between the two organizations. The existing center is owned by Blessing but operated by Quincy Medical Group.

Quincy Medical Group CEO Carol Brockmiller responded that they still believe a second facility, especially a state-of-the-art one, is necessary to serve the community.

“At this late stage however, we do not plan to withdraw our proposal, as requested by Blessing, for a standalone surgery center or to enter into an agreement not to compete against the hospital,” she said.

Blessing officials are opposed to the proposed project, saying it could reduce their revenue by more than $40 million.

The proposed center still needs approval from the Health Facilities and Services Review Board. The plan is tentatively scheduled to go before the board at its March 5 meeting.

A recent staff report put together by the review board found the project met 27 of the board’s 31 criteria. Four of the criteria it did not meet include showing the site would not be an unnecessary duplication of service, that it could be financially viable, that it would improve access to care in the area and that it could meet the state’s level of reasonable project costs.

Per the board’s rules, a failure to meet one or more criteria does not prohibit a project from receiving a permit.

In a statement, Brockmiller said the report was “largely favorable and supportive of our proposed plan” and the group would seek approval from the board at its March meeting.

“We are confident in our ability to satisfactorily address any outstanding questions, and we look forward to the opportunity to discuss the surgery center and its many benefits to the Quincy community at the upcoming Board meeting,” she said.

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